Mango Margarita Jalapeno Popsicles

May 04, 2016

Mango Margarita Jalapeno Popsicles

With Cinco de Mayo this week and Texas level heat indexes on the horizon, it feels like the right time to try an icy margarita treat. I found this tantalizing recipe at Broma Bakery with the talented boss-baker Sarah Fennel. It was her brilliant idea to make a Popsicle garnish to serve inside margaritas. Ahem...let me say that again.  A POPSICLE INSIDE A MARGARITA. While drooling…I mean perusing through the photos, I was mesmerized by the vibrant orange mangos paired side by side with brilliant green jalapeno slices and served in a frosted margarita.

Oh, the spicy-hot frosty goodness of it all!  

There couldn’t possibly be a more perfect summer entertaining drink. I could just see myself, twirling onto the outdoor patio occupied by a group of friends, with a head toss and a gleam in my eye, as I perfectly balance a tray full of these frozen lovelies. I thought to myself, “Surely even I, a woman who stores pans in her oven, could master this treat!”

Well I did. And it…was…GLORIOUS.



You’ll need the following items:

Jalapeno Infused Tequila:

1)      1 sliced jalapeno pepper

2)      ½ cup silver tequila

Mango Popsicles

1)      4 cups diced mango 

2)      1/4  cup of powdered sugar

3)      Pinch of cayenne pepper

4)      ½ cup lime juice


Jalapeno Infused Tequila:

1)      Combine the sliced jalapeno pepper and the tequila in an air tight container.

2)      Cover and allow the combo to sit for 6 hours.

Margarita Popsicles:

1)      Blend the mango, lime juice and powdered sugar on high until smooth. Stir in the jalapeno tequila.

2)      Pour into your Popsicle molds and allow to freeze for a minimum of 6 hours.

3)      Hold Popsicle molds under warm water to remove from the mold. Ready to serve!

If you’re going to use the jalapeno infused tequila, you’ll want to prep that the night before or at least first thing that morning so it can sit for the full 6 hours.


I really liked that this recipe is super easy to modify. My husband and I aren’t always the biggest hot and spicy fans. It really depends on the dish. So, for options’ sake, I decided to make a batch of popsicles with tequila and no jalapeno, ice cubes with jalapeno tequila and then a 2nd  batch of ice cubes with tequila and bits of jalapeno inside. I also figured that in an entertaining setting, some people may prefer to not have a whole Popsicle to contend with so the ice cubes seemed like a fab option: same amazing sweet-hot flavor with none of the sticky fingers.

My husband and I do, however, love sweets. While the popsicles definitely have a smooth sweetness to them, I added a couple packets of stevia to sweeten them more without adding more sugar/carbs (because, of course, anyone eating mango tequila popsicles as a frozen margarita garnish is watching their carb intake. Obviously.).  


I purchased my Popsicle molds from Target. They were actually a little hard to find (they were at the end of a kitchen aisle and a salesperson took me to 3 locations before we found them). While the molds worked wonderfully, I was less happy with the stubby white stick that went inside the popsicles. Those sticks were so not cute. So I switched them out for some decorative black and white straws. I cut them to the same height as the sticks and slipped them inside the mango puree before freezing them. Cute, right? They held up fine and if you’re concerned about them being strong enough, you can always use 2 for extra sturdiness.

I used a regular ice cube tray for the mango/tequila/jalapeno cubes. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cute to add little pieces of jalapeno inside the cubes”? I think they came out perfectly, with the little bits of jalapeno easily seen on the side of the translucent cube. You could even turn these cubes into mini popsicles. I guess I sort of did that when I added a few straw stubs to a couple of them.


Now that you have your divine Popsicle garnishes, you’ll need to make a comparably amazing margarita to go with it. If you’re looking for literally the world’s best margarita recipe, skip on over to Carrie Bradshaw Lied and check out Kathleen’s most recent post. I’m not kidding when I say it’s the world’s best margarita. This Patron recipe actually won Margarita of the Year. The recipe calls for “rose petal sea salt”. Need I say more?

I ended up with 6 large popsicles and 8 ice cubes using the proportions above. They turned out to be quite creamy and substantial. So delish! These could also be a totally healthy summer treat too with a few tweaks to the recipe (remove the alcohol and maybe replace all the powdered sugar with more stevia). It was quite lovely to have an ice-cold dessert that was made with fresh ingredients (no corn syrup, coloring, etc.).

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions!

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