What We Believe

"In the end, we're just 2 little girls,
holding hands,
walking each other home."
- Brooke Reynolds, Founder


It's a mighty powerful thing when women come together to support each other and give kindness. Miracles happen when we put down our judgment sticks and decide to walk together instead of racing against each other. There are times when we could each really use an encouraging word, a shoulder to lean on or a warm smile to remind us that we're not alone. 

None of us have all the answers.
But we can each be the answer that  another gal desperately needs. 

Socialite Pink puts the power of giving directly into our customers’ hands with our “sparkle you, sparkle her” donation program. When you purchase a piece of our jewelry, we’ll gift a piece to a woman or girl who’s overcoming life's hardest challenges. Whether she's a woman restarting her life after escaping domestic abuse, a military she-ro serving her country away from her loved ones or a girl from a tough neighborhood who's determined to reach higher, we understand her struggle because we're all climbing a mountain of our own.

There’s so much power in connection, in coming along side another woman to say, “Hey, I know the road has been so tough. But keep going! You’re amazing and you’re not alone. WE ARE WITH YOU AND FOR YOU.” With each purchase, our Giving Tribe (our incredible customers!) are encouraging and celebrating some pretty amazing sheros as they continue on their life-changing journeys. 
Together, we're brightening lives, one sparkle at a time.